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-so?- she asked, with a playful smile on her lips

-well, let's say, i don't want to ruin this... all of this- he said, motioning a wide arc movement with his left arm stretched

-but, why is so hard for you??, i.. i don't understand you, at all- she replied, now with a little more serious weight in her words

-listen, i'm here, for you, and i can't deny that i love you- he spoke, looking at her, -but this... all of this... is far beyond ourselves, and until everyting is settled and done, i can't just walk away from it- he said, with a pang of regret on his words

-GREAT!!! this is JUST GREAT!!- she snapped -so what now?? ehh?? i left EVERYTHING BEHIND, FOR YOU!!, MY PEOPLE, MY COUNTRY, MY KINGDOM!!! EVERYTHING!!! and you... you...- he saw the glint of diamond-like tears flowing on her eyes, and felt regret, a painful sadness and he regretted that he mentioned the topic

he sighed, and took a deep breath, she was there, and he felt that she was so fragile, so small, so vulnerable, in front of him wasn't the brave warrior whose name makes her foes go weak on their knees, there was she, a woman, her hair tied in a short ponytail, a scar running from her left-side forehead to her left brow, practically cutting it on half, those reddish eyes that were so beautiful and promising, sobbing and trying to not showing weakness in front of him; he look at her, again, and understood that if he wanted to be with her, he had to left everything behind

he took a very deep breath, and let it go, the air noisily running out from his nostrils

-ok- he said, and she tensed up, like the string of a bow, ready, waiting

-i love you, until death apart us, i love you, until the world ends, i love you, no matter of what, i love you-

she was smiling, a radiant, heart-warming beautiful smile of hers, that make him feel that everything was mundanely cheap in comparison

- you... you mean it??- she asked looking intently at him, a little shaky from the excitement

-i always do- he replied, she jumped at him, their lips interlocked in a love filled kiss, their embrace warm, welcoming

after a few moments, they let it go, and kept their hands entwined, and a fuzzy warm feeling on their chests

- well, frankly speaking- he talked while lazily scratched his right temple - i'm not cut to be king, i don't have the 'wood' for the throne, and i loathe the idea of becoming a fat-ass king, and cringe at the idea of having to dealt with boot-lickers and two-faced courtesans-

- well, that's rich, coming from you - she said joking, - i mean, you're the bravest hero, the monsters slayer, the demon king's vanquisher - everybody expects you to become king, specially since you were the leader of the reconstruction and all the planning for the new capital city

- hey!! that's not fair!! - he replied, - and in my defense, first, i'm just a normal guy with more luck that any other, second, the dragon slipped on its own tail and fell, knocking itself out unconscious, i just finish it off before it could go rampage again when waking up, and third and most important it wasn't a king, but a queen, the most beautiful and charming girl i've ever meet -

sometimes i just let my mind wander off, sometimes i think some amazing stories, so i'm writting down someting that just pop out of my mind while listening Paramore's Decode song... hope you guys like it


she stood there... watching the vacant street, it was like a weird nightmare, there were a lot of people out there, and suddenly it went empty, eerily empty; the noises of cars and the usual background sound of footsteps and usual chatting muffled somehow, but there, there were someone, not so far, behind the shadows of an old oak on a side of the road, on the sidewalk.

he looked at her, a playful smile in his lips, he stood semi-hidden behind a tree, not so far away from her; her presence, or better said her 'aroma' was powerful, and that gave him a very primal urge, a urge of have her, a urge of 'tasting' her, or better said, to 'drink' from her, because his thirst was strong, and she was so fragile and tempting, that he wondered if he pushed a little too much force in his grip, he could snap the wrist, or broke her neck or...

- hey, you!!- he heard, his heightened senses registered a rich accent, and some hint of a husky tone... maybe due the cold air, an Irish accent he wondered while he turned his attention towards her

- i'm sorry, would you help me? - she said mid-speaking, mid-screaming, while walked towards him, -i need help with some directions- she spoken again

he looked at her, his urges burning him from inside, like molten lava, burning, consuming himself

he changed his position, and used the oak trunk as support, he shifted his weight to his left feet, like humans usually do, c'mon, try to look casual and human, he told himself, took a breath and answered as casual as possible

- yes, tell me what's your problem? - he replied, a small smile on his lips, big enough to make himself look friendly, and small enough to hide his sharp canines

she produced a small paper terribly scribbled and full of small annotations, while on the background the fireworks started to colorize the sky in different wonderful tones, she yelped and did a small jump at the sound of the first firework going off, he closed his eyes, a painful look crossed his face, his sensitive ears registered the explosive sound a thousand times louder than a normal human would, so he restraint himself and forced to bear the terrible noise

- dear God, that scared me - she said making herself understandable over the explosion noises

- indeed - he replied, -is causing me a headache- he told her, while maintained his hands closed in a tight fist -can we get somewhere else so we can talk normally?- he told her, she didn't replied but nodded silently

- in there - he said, signaling the nearest deli shop, less than half-block from their point, she nodded again and started to walk together, when they reached inside, the deli was semi deserted, everybody was outside watching the fireworks, the explosions muffled by the walls of the local

- now, what do you need... -

- Annie - she said, extending her hand

- Annie - he replied and extended his hand, she shook it and a puzzled look crossed her face - cold - she said

- ah, yes, don't worry - he said while he felt the warm of her touch lingering in his skin

- now, what do you need again, Anne? - he asked while looked at her

- ah, yes, yes - and she produced the piece of paper again

- i'm not sure if i'm in the right direction, ths paper is terrible done and hard to read - she said smiling, while lazily grabbed part of her auburn-reddish hair and locked it behind her ear, exposing her white neck and a very feminine jawline

dear god, he told to himself, does she do it on purpose??, her aroma was killing him, his urges roaring inside of him, like a wild beast overpowering his master

- let me see - he responded, grabbing the piece of paper, a quick glance and he noticed the aroma of her skin, faintly impregnated on the paper, maybe she was driving and keeping the paper on one hand, dear god, that aroma... so sweet, so tempting...

he took a very deep breath, filling his lungs with her aroma, enough to make him tremble a little, just in the border of losing his autocontrol - well, as it seems, and i'm not so good deciphering scribbles like this - he said while she looked attentively at him

oh boy, oh boy.... her eyes... those sparkilng moss-green and light brown hue eyes were so beautiful, so sexy, it took him a few of her very-clearly-audible-for-him heartbeats to keep going - you're not off of your route, you must keep going in the main road, like 4 or 5 miles more and then turn... left??, yes left - he doubted for a second or so, but he knew the place very well so he deduced the address quickly

- say, are you moving to here? - he asked casually

- oh, yes, yes - she replied, and again did the same movement of putting her hair in place -my friend is moving to Sweden, so he sold me his flat, and since i'm renting where i live, i'm moving here, furthermore, this place is really nice- she replied easily

- well, this place is near my place as well, if you want i can give you a ride - he said

- well, i have my car down the road, but thank you for your offer - she told him

- ok, then you can follow me - he said casually and she nodded while pondered on the offer

- that should be very helpful, actually - she replied after a little while, -so i don't need to rely in the mess- she keep going while grabbed the scribbled piece of paper and hastly hid it into one of the pocket of the parka

- then lets go before the roads get busy - he observed, - because the fireworks are finishing and the people would left for their homes -

- then let's go... - she said and left the phrase hanging a little, then he figured out that he haven't told her his name yet

- ah, yes, i'm sorry, my name is Adrian, nice to meet you, Annie -

- then, nice to meet you too Adrian - she replied

he opened the door of the deli, a few persons were now walking to their homes or to their cars, so she followed him closely

- my car is at the end of this block- he said, so - go for you car and i will wait for you on the corner - he keept going

-sounds good- she replied while started to walk down to her car -then see you in a while- she added and started to walt a little faster

-ok- he sad and started to walk to his car

oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD!!!, he's so HOT, so HOT!! she was thinking while a reddish hue was covering her cheeks, so handsome and well mannered, she keep going, i can't believe that i got such lucky encounter just reaching here, she giggled a little

little she knew of the real nature of the guy that was now waiting for her on the corner of the deli shop block, sitting inside his luxurious BMW X6, trying to calm his inner beast, inhaling deeply and expulsating her aroma of his lungs, little she knew of what the future would unfold for her, little she knew
and i wondered myself... what if we were able to fly?

then i visualize a lot of bodies crashing in mid-air... nope, better stick with roads and cars...
recovering from a stomach bug... good God, i barely made it
  • Reading: The Art of War - Tzun Zu
  • Watching: -----
  • Playing: Metroid prime (gamecube pc emulated)
  • Eating: nothing (i'm hungry!!!)
  • Drinking: water
uggghhh.... i've run out of lucky, i got fired since april 28, and as it seems it would took a lot to get another job, i think i'll sell my Intuos 4 to keep me out of troubles, for a little while, but better not rush, there's something better awaitin' for me.

It's Rainy Season in my country (Costa Rica), which its annoying, in the morning could be sunny and hot as hell, dark and cloudly or dark and terrific windly, but after noon its rain, and rain, and rain, i don't like it, specially when you're outside of home, applying for a job, i hate and really pisses me off wearing soping wet socks, shoes and jeans, i don't like it (yep, i care my feets a lot).

But there's something more... the night... if isn't raining and awfully cold, is fogging and terrible hot (a hot night in rainy season??, yes, is possible), or is absolutely clear sparking-star-night, but cold as a night at Mt. Everest summit.

Way back in 2006, i suffer an accident, and i absolutely torn my left knee ligaments, since that, in cold nights my knee hurts, but in this days... OMG!! i want to rip my knee off!!!

Well, whatever, as it seems, maybe i start to study somethin' in the university (college for some others), if i can't get a job, better have a U title than nothing...

bye, bye!


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Diego Robles
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well, there's no much to tell, i'm an ordinary guy, from Costa Rica, i'm unemployeed by now, oftenly i make some draws, or sit back and read a good book

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